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¡Hola! Greetings from Barcelona and also from my very first travel guide since I accidentally deleted my blog.

Last weekend I made a city trip to Barcelona with my friend Laura. As you may know from my Insta Stories, I was very confused about this short vacation as I totally forgot that I’m going to have it.
I booked the flight and also the hotel a few weeks ago. And a week before the trip should start, I wasn’t sure anymore if I booked a hotel room for us, didn’t remember my flight dates and also what I actually wanted to do there or to visit. Apparently I booked a super early flight to Barcelona and in the end I had to wake up at 3am in the morning to get to Spain.
And this is how my most disorganized vacation began…


Personal Barcelona Travel Diary

You can also skip to the general Barcelona travel guide >>here<<



It was 9:30 am when I arrived at the hotel. Just to realize that the checkin starts at 4pm. Well, as I said, I was disorganized and a little bit planless 😀
I dropped my suitcase at the hotel and went for a walk as Laura had a flight from Berlin a little bit later and I had a couple of hours for myself.

I had my phone with me but I was not using it for any guidance as I had no specific plan where to go. Later, I found out that I was strolling around the historic city while I was subconsciously walking to the sea. I really love to see the waves rolling towards the beach and to listen to the sound of the sea.
That’s why I sat down at a restaurant and ordered something to eat. I was already walking for a few hours around so I was kinda starving.
Sitting there and eating all by myself reminded me of my „two-days-forever-alone-vacation“ in Italy two years ago.


I think I’m going to book a single vacation for this year as well but also more than for 2 days. I’m curious how I gonna handle this.
However, after my lunch which was really good, I walked back to the hotel, checked-in and then Laura arrived. We went for a little shopping and then to a reeeeaaally nice tapas bar. Highlight was the asparagus which I really love and therefore already looking forward to April when the asparagus season in Germany begins 😀

Btw. don’t you think that Barcelona has some similarities with NYC?



The clueless vacation continued as our official first day together was quite a fail.
Planned was: Brunch, Sagrada Familia, Lunch, Park Güell and Bar Hopping.
The only thing which worked out quite well was having breakfast!

As I was strolling around the city the other day, I walked by this little breakfast spot which seemed to be very polular as there were a bunch of people waiting outside.
However, we gave it a try and were lucky bc after 10 min of waiting we got a table.

Breakfast was delicious and I was quite sad that I couldn’t try more but the dishes are very costive. And after the nice brunch, everything went wrong. There were no Sagrada Familia tickets for the forenoon anymore. Only tickets left for 6pm. So we decided to go first to the Park Güell and then to the church. A word and a blow. So we walked to the park where we had to realize that we need tickets for that as well. I don’t know why I didn’t think about this before but I was pretty sure that this is a public park.
Hence, we booked our tickets for the park as well but we had to wait there for almost two hours as there were no free tickets for an earlier entrance. Sadly, there is nothing around the park, just some souvenir shops but nothing where you can really waste some time while waiting.

I was very disappointed. The park is super small, there were construction works so half of the park was cordoned off and in general, 2 hours of waiting was not worth it for the 10 min walk though the park. But this was not the only disappointment for that day.

The Sagrada Familia is very impressive and definitely worth a visit. Nevertheless, I really wanted to go up one of the towers and admire the view. Unfortunately, we didn’t buy the right tickets for that. And guess what? They were sold out for that day anyway. So after we walked through the church, we were 10 min older and 20€ poorer.



We were tired after the very walking intense day. So we decided to start the day very relaxed. We slept late, went out for breakfast (which was kind of tooooooooo healthy) and walked through the historical city to the beach and later to the „Parc De La Ciutadella„.

In the evening, we strolled through the district „El Born“ where a lot of bars are located. It was a nice last evening in Barcelona and we died out our short vacation with some drinks 🙂


48hours in Barcelona

Where to stay

We had a hotel which was close to the University of Barcelona. This was pretty central and we could walk to everything we wanted to visit 🙂 So I definitely would book a hotel in that area again, when going back to Barcelona!


What to do

Although two days are not that much when visiting a city, especially Barcelona, I would still recommend to stroll around the city and explore the city without any guidance. You will definitely find some nice corners, even though you are not specifically looking for them.

My personal highlights were the Parc De La Ciutadella, La Boqueria and the public library of Barcelona.


Where to eat





El Pacifico

Carrer de la Vila Joiosa, 52, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

for lunch by the ocean





Brunch & Cake

Carrer d’Enric Granados, 19, 08007 Barcelona, Spain






Ciudad Condal

Rambla de Catalunya, 18, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

for asparagus lover <3



Honest Greens

Rambla de Catalunya, 3, 08007 Barcelona, Spain

for a really (maybe too healthy) breakfast – but try it out by yourself 😉



3 Things I’d have loved to know before my trip to Barcelona


  1. Sagrada Familia offers different types of tickets. If you want to walk up the tower, you have to buy a special tower ticket. However, there are two towers, one from the front and one from the back, but with this tower ticket you only can climb up one tower. Go to the back one, as you have there a nice few over the city.
  2. Park Güell: you should inform yourself if there are still construction works, as half of the park was cordoned off. Also the park is super small so you can walk through it in around 10 min. And ofcourse: you need to buy a ticket for that.
  3. Spanish restaurant to not know what „Hugo“ is. But a good alternative is white sangria 😉


My next city trip is also almost planned already. I’m going to visit a friend in London who recently moved to England. Luckely, I’ve already been a few times in London so this trip will be more organized as it’s more about having a good time together 🙂

Love, Janine


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  1. 12. März 2019 / 17:04

    Der Beitrag kommt mir gerade wie gerufen, denn ich überlege gerade, heuer noch nach Barcelona zu reisen.
    Muss mir auf jeden Fall ein Lesezeichen setzen. 🙂

    Liebste Grüße

    • florafallue
      13. März 2019 / 16:33

      Hi Tamara, das freut mich 🙂 Bin mal gespannt was du dann zu berichten hast!

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