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¡Hola! A few weeks ago I was traveling to Mexico the very first time together with a friend I met in October on an airplane to Orlando. Everyone kept telling me: „Janine, there is no way you make friends with someone on the airplane. Actually you don’t even talk to a stranger there. And especially, you don’t go on vacation with them.“ Well, that might be true. But not for me.
I mean, how do you make new friends if you are not talking to anyone else?
Long story short: After we’ve met, we visited each other (she is not from Berlin), talked a lot on the phone and in the end we decided to fly to Mexico for 2 weeks together.

We had a bumpy start as the flight was canceled after it was postponed several times. Hence, we had one day less in Mexico as the flight was rescheduled for the next day then. But hey, therefore oversea transportation was completely for free, because of the delay. Thanks Eurowings for giving me my money back! 😀

First stop: Cancún, Mexico

So, with one day of delay we arrived in Cancún. We only booked a hotel for the first three nights as we wanted to stay flexible during our vacation.
The first three nights we spend at the Westin Resort & Spa, Cancún, which was actually pretty nice as it was further away from downtown and the Springbreak Party area. People how know me are aware of the fact that I’m not really into clubbing. So that’s why I enjoyed the distance 😛

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However, we used the first days to acclimate, because there is a huge difference between German summer and summer anywhere else! Actually, I was quite happy that we spend only 3 nights in Cancún as I didn’t like that place that much. It’s pretty touristic and noisy. I know that also I took part of the fact that it’s been touristic.
Where tourists are, hotels are built, shopping malls go up and therefore the whole infrastructure of a place changes. And this is sad, as you won’t experience the genuineness of a country anymore. But I don’t want to deep dive into this topic as this is not the point of this article. Nevertheless, I would like to know what you are thinking about this problem.
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Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Mexico

Isla Mujeres

After our three days in Cancún we decided to take the ferry to Isla Mujeres. We booked our accommodation on the same day and we were really lucky. The little hotel was next to a pretty chapel with a sea view. It reminded me a little bit of Santorini as it had also a round white dome. Unfortunately, the weather was not that nice so we left the little island the next day. But before we did so, we really needed to check what is the matter with that rescued shark the taxi driver told us the day before. So we went to that place and found some catsharks which supposed to be harmless. We stayed there for a while and observed the sharks. It was only the two of us and no one else. That was actually weird because I thought that this kind of attraction would attract a lot of people. However, it’s better that it doesn’t, I guess.
Don’t blame me; of course I needed to take a picture and pet it.


Playa del Carmen

From Isla Mujeres we took a bus to Playa del Carmen. It was so cheep! I think it costs about a Euro to get from Cancún to Playa del Carmen when you take the „economy class“. Playa del Carmen was actually quite similar to Cancún. They had even the same clubs as for example „Coco Bongo“.


As we both didn’t like that place that much we took the next ferry to Cozumel. This island is way bigger than Isla Mujeres and I would definitely recommend to get a (golf) car or at least a bike when you want to stay there longer than a day or if you want to explore the island. You won’t make it by foot. Just to give you an example: There is downtown where you can really just walk around but if you want to go to the better beach you have to drive round the island
(about 60km the residents told us) or take the one and only route through the island which takes you about 2 hours by bike. With this in mind, we rent some bikes but we thought we can find another way to pass the island. But after a while we found ourselves within a residential district which was a blind end at the same time. So we had to cycle back and then my chain broke -.-
Guess what? We didn’t make it to the beach.
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To be continued …

So this was our first week in Mexico.  A lot of short trips, driving around and unpacking and packing as we didn’t stay longer than 3 nights at one place. Hence, you can imagine that we both were suuuuuper happy that your next destination was Tulum where we planned to stay the last 6 nights at one place before heading back to Cancún to catche the airplane back home…

Love, Janine

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