Winter Outfit

Beige Fake-Fur Coat & Gucci Bag


There are no rules in fashion! It’s a sentence I heard a lot but never really apperceived it. Yes, anything is possible (in fashion). But sometimes it’s just easier to wear those skinny jeans and the comfortable jumper, the same old coat and the same shoes, because you don’t need to think about it – it fits always.
However, it’s nothing I want to achieve this year regarding my fashion inspirations / outfit creations on my blog.

Puma Fenty Creeper x Flared Blouse


As it always is when a big celebrity is teaming up with a brand and makes his or her own collection, it is very hard to get one of those items which are at a premium. After I looked for them in almost every single online shop I finally found the Puma Fenty Creeper during a little window shopping some days ago. And of course I had to take them with me 🙂