Puma Fenty Creeper x Flared Blouse


As it always is when a big celebrity is teaming up with a brand and makes his or her own collection, it is very hard to get one of those items which are at a premium. After I looked for them in almost every single online shop I finally found the Puma Fenty Creeper during a little window shopping some days ago. And of course I had to take them with me 🙂

Fake Leo Jacket & Gold Metallic Skirt


Today I show you another outfit with my new metallic skirt. You can find my very first outfit-inspiration here. I still have at least 1000 further ideas regarding some outfit combinations with this skirt and therefore I’m thinking about similar blog post as the one with my culottes: 3 ways to wear a culotte. But then it would be 5 or even 1000 ways to wear it 😛